03 5907 7227 bookings@amitours.com.au
03 5907 7227 bookings@amitours.com.au


Can I customise tour itineraries?

Absolutely! Can’t find what you are looking for, or have a specific winery that you would like to visit? Then we can customise a tour to suit your needs. E-mail us at bookings@amitours.com and let us know how we can help you.

What happens in the case of COVID-19 restrictions?

We will provide a full refund if you are unable to travel due to government-mandated restrictions or if we are unable to provide the described service due to any other public health restrictions.

What is your refund & cancellation policy?

  • All cancellation requests must be sent in writing (email or text) for us to process a refund. 
  • Cancellations made 12 hours after payment are subject to a 5% fee of the total booking fee. 
  • A 50% refund is issued to any bookings which are canceled after 12 hours of payment but 7 days prior to the booking date. 
  • No refund is issued for any bookings canceled within 7 days of the confirmed booking date. Please note that our tours are very high in demand and limited spots are available for our bookings. Cancellations result in high administration and vehicle costs on our end as the tour agency and the wineries who make necessary reservations, not to mention the other clients who registered for interest for that specific date and time allocation that we are unable to cater for.  Exceptions apply to this condition, we will try our best to issue a full refund wherever possible. 
  • Refunds are usually instant via OSKO pay but can take 3-5 business depending on your bank account.
  • Dates can’t be swapped. A $150 rebooking fee will be applied for any private tours that need to change dates, this is to cover the administration costs involved.
  • Reduced numbers in group bookings will not be refunded unless advised 2 weeks prior to the tour date.
  • Reduction in numbers may attract a bus surcharge fee if the vehicle allocated is not suited to requirements, our buses are allocated based on the initial passenger numbers provided by clients, a significant drop in numbers may attract a bus fee of $100 up to $400.
  • Guests must be at the pickup point of choice at the time agreed between guests and Ami Tours. Late arrivals by passengers can result in delays in attending to the booking and the risk of bookings being canceled by the wineries for no-shows. No refunds apply for any delays caused by the lateness of guests. The wineries also reserve the right to refuse us if we are late, as they will need to attend to other on-time bookings. No-shows will not be refunded.
  • It is the guests’ responsibility to call wineries and advise of any late arrivals to a booking. The drivers cannot take phone calls on the guests’ behalf for safety reasons. 

How do I purchase an add-on?

Step 1: Please select your preferred booking date & number of people, and click “Book now”.

Step 2: Continue with the checkout process by filling in your contact information & billing address. Click “Next Step” when you’ve completed filling in the required information.

Step 3: Select an add-on of your choice. The final amount will be added to the total balance of your tour cost. 

Step 4: Proceed to the payment gateway and finalise payment. 

Do I need to register an account on the website to book a tour?

No, registration is not required; all tours can be booked through the website without creating an account.

What if I don’t want to book through the website? Is there another way to make a booking?

Please send us an email with your request for a booking to bookings@amitours.com.au

Our booking team will advise you on other methods of payment. 


Is payment required upfront to book a tour?

All tours must be booked with a minimum deposit of $350 to be confirmed and locked in. 

Our tours operate on a first come first serve basis, limited spots are available, and we cannot accommodate everyone who registers interest and makes a tentative booking for a tour date without any payment.

Feel free to get in touch with us via bookings@amitours.com.au for any questions about bookings.

What is the standard duration of a tour?

A full-day wine tour booking includes 8 hours from pickup time; this includes the time from the first pickup to the final drop-off. However, there are exceptions to this in case of extreme weather conditions, traffic incidents, etc.

Example of a standard tour: Tour begins at 10 am from pick up point in Melbourne CBD, driver & passengers arrive at Yarra Valley at 11 am, return to Melbourne CBD to finish the tour at 6.00 pm.

If multiple pickup pickups/drop-offs are required, then it is recommended to plan your day ahead to avoid exceeding the 8-hour tour duration.

Will I be charged extra for exceeding the 8-hour limit of tour?

Not strictly, we may allow up to an extra 30 minutes as a grace period as no one is perfect, and going overtime can happen. However, if an 8-hour tour ends up being a 9- or 10-hour tour then you will be charged overtime. Overtime charges  can be found in our T&Cs

It is important to note that the driver is booked for 8 hours and longer hours of driving result in fatigue which is not ideal for the safety of the driver and passengers on board. 

Who is Ami?

Ami is the founder of Ami Tours, with over 1200 tours under his belt being an independent tour operator in Victoria. All tours from Ami Tours are designed based on the expertise of Ami and other highly experienced tour operators who work within the business. Ami is currently retired as a tour operator and works within the management team with the aim of providing our clients with the best wine & spirits tour experience in Victoria. On a very rare occasion, you might get Ami as your tour guide if there is a lack of availability of drivers!