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Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Tours

Wine Tasting Tour Packages

Ever wanted to explore the hidden side of the amazing Yarra Valley wine-growing region? This wine tour is like no other, as we prefer detours over main roads. The Yarra Valley is laden with incredible hidden places to indulge in amazing food and drink experiences. We favor smaller boutique wineries and visit family-owned businesses specializing in their craft!

We like to surprise you, so our wine tours in the Yarra Valley have an exciting mix of two-three unique wineries; a brewery, cidery, or/and a distillery, and food tastings at various delectable establishments.

Enjoy a delicious gourmet lunch at one of the fab wineries and a cheese board to share earlier in the tour. Be ready for a taste sensation as you explore the other side of the Yarra Valley.

Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Tours

Yarra Valley Wine Tastings

Experience a relaxing day among the vineyards with Melbourne’s best Yarra Valley wine tour operator. At Ami Tours, we pride ourselves on providing the ultimate wine lovers experience, combining the finest wineries, eateries, and scenic destinations for a full day of indulgence. Sitting serenely on the outskirts of Melbourne, the Yarra Valley wine region is undoubtedly one of Victoria’s crowning jewels. Home to award-winning wineries, no trip to Melbourne is complete without escaping the CBD for a leisurely tour sampling some of the country’s finest vino.

Join us for a wine-tasting tour like no other. Departing from Melbourne CBD, this Yarra Valley day tour takes you to a carefully curated selection of wineries and vineyards such as Yering Farm Wines, Tokar Estate, Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery, Four Pillars Gin Distillery and Coldstream Brewery. Enjoy a gourmet á la carte lunch, sample some artisan treats at the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery, and savor delicious wine tasting at local cellar doors. Make your next event remember with our private Yarra Valley wine tour. Perfect for corporate events, hen’s days, birthdays, anniversaries, and family gatherings. Customize your day tour and choose from a selection of excellent wineries, breweries, gin distilleries, and restaurants.

If the Melbourne weather is a little warm, our modern air-conditioned buses will make your Yarra Valley wine tour comfortable in any season. Multiple CBD departures for scheduled tours and home, hotel, or destination pickups for private events.

How Wine Tasting Yarra Valley Would Be

You can learn a lot about the wine from the color. In red wines, if there are any purple hues, this means the wine is young. The wine may be older if there are more brick red or orange hues in the spectrum. In white wines, a more golden yellow color rather than pale light yellow could mean the wine is older, has been in oak, or is sweeter. If the white or red wine is clear and bright in color, rather than opaque and cloudy, this is a good sign that the wine is sound and clean.

Next, swirl the wine in your glass so the aromatic compounds are released, then slightly lower your nose towards the rim of the glass to take in the aroma. A few short puffs of air through the nose will help you best assess the wine’s smell. The initial aromas can be an excellent introduction to the wine. Identify different fruit aromas and any spices, earthy notes, or other aromas that come to mind. Try to recognize at least three different aromas to describe a wine as a good rule of thumb.

The first sip of wine should be generous, one that can coat the inside of your mouth so all of your taste buds get a sample. There will be tastes on the tongue and palate, such as sweet or bitter. Once the wine is inside your mouth, you may also identify more fruit aromas, oak, or earth flavors. Feel free to assess the texture of the wine. It may feel light or heavy, soft or rough, dry or luscious, and it impacts your overall impression of the wine.

How Wine Tasting Yarra Valley Would Be at Wineries Yarra Valley

After you have worked through these three steps, you can give your overall impression of the wine tasting yarra valley. Trust your senses and observing what you are seeing, smelling, and tasting can help you decide how you feel about the color and your thoughts on aromas and flavors. Do they leave a positive impression? Or a negative one? Congratulations, as this is the beginning of understanding wine.

The best way to develop your palate is to taste more wine. Practice makes perfect. As you become more familiar with different wines, it becomes easier to identify certain aromas, tastes, and textures in wine typical of each varietal and region. Above all, enjoy wine tasting yarra valley!