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Dance House International

Dance House International
Dance House International

Both Paul Zaidman and Anna Selleck, the two people responsible for founding the company, have been interested in dance ever since they were five years old. Before getting together and merging their skills, both Paul and Anna had established a number of talents as solo artists. More recently, as a partnership, Paul and Anna have developed many talents, and they recently placed second at the 2019 Australian Dancesport Championships.

Not only does Anna have a strong background in Latin American and ballroom dance, but she also has more than ten years of experience training in classical ballet under her belt. Anna began her training in her younger years in both the classical and theatrical genres of dance. Since then, she has continued to expand and integrate her studies in order to provide a method of instruction that is easier to understand and more productive for her pupils. Not only does she adhere to more conventional methods of instruction, but she also adopts more contemporary approaches that not only the dancer but also the average person will be able to comprehend. Because she has a kind spirit, a lot of patience, and a good understanding for individuals who may take a little bit more time to master the concepts and methods that come with dancing, Anna is fantastic with all levels of dancers.

Paul is a reviving influence on our lives. In addition to bringing humour, charm, and entertainment to each and every lesson, he also brings an unlimited amount of knowledge and a high level of expertise to his teachings. Paul’s classes have historically been the most boisterous and comedic over the entirety of Paul’s teaching career. The vast expertise and understanding that Paul possesses regarding dance was transmitted to him by an enormous roster of world champion dance coaches from all over the world. Throughout the course of his career, he has had the honor of performing, teaching, and coaching with some of the most renowned artists and instructors in the field of Dance Sport. He has also had the opportunity to tour the world. Not only has Paul been a contestant on channel Seven’s “Dancing with the Stars,” but he also helped Australia place fourth in the Blackpool Dance Festival Championships in 2014.

When you leave your first class, you will go home with not only a new skill set but also a community of friends that you will want to come back to and continue to be a part of. This is because Paul and Anna believe in giving more than they receive, which is to such an extent that when you leave your first class, you will go home with both.

Feel free to drop by and give it a shot for yourself.

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