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Tokar Estate

Tokar Estate
Tokar Estate

Leon and Rita Tokar, proprietors of the Tokar Estate winery and restaurant in the Yarra Valley, extend a cordial invitation for you to sample their wonderful selection of boutique wines and new vintage releases. Tokar Estate is a family-owned and -operated business. It is highly recommended that you take advantage of the inviting ambience of the winery’s restaurant in order to indulge in some great Mediterranean food while taking in the breathtaking scenery of the Yarra Valley.

When Leon and Rita purchased the property in June of 1995, the ground was covered with thistles, tussock grass, and snakes; the initial idea was to harvest grapes solely for the purpose of their personal consumption – “to play at making wine ourselves, for ourselves.” The fantastic setting of the site, in conjunction with the exceptionally fertile soils, made it an ideal location for a modest planting of pinot noir. However, the position of the site was not the only factor. This was the beginning of the realization of Leon Tokar’s goal, which was realized in 1996 when the vineyard was founded with 12.5 hectares of land planted in vines. By 1998, the vineyard was producing excellent fruit.

It wasn’t long before the idea of making wines and meals on a larger scale took off, which led to the creation of Tokar Estate – a fabulous setting in the heart of the famous Yarra Valley region. These occasions were so well received by their family’s friends, and they were so personally rewarding for both Leon and Rita, that it didn’t take long for the idea to take off.

Martin Siebert, the winemaker, joined the team at Tokar Estate in 2012, bringing with him a lot of knowledge in the field of winemaking as well as a passion for the production of wines of a high quality, all of which have propelled the winery to new heights. Working in both New Zealand and France has had a significant impact on the approach that Siebert takes to winemaking, and it has broadened his understanding of the significance of a good vineyard site for the production of quality wines.

Tokar Estate is a winery located in the Yarra Valley that focuses on producing single-vineyard wines. They produce a number of different types of red and white wines, as well as one rosé wine. The Tokar Estate label produces rosé, chardonnay, pinot noir, tempranillo, shiraz, and cabernet sauvignon, in addition to their flagship wine, The Aria. Additionally, they produce a few special releases on the finest years of production for limited availability.

The year 2019 witnessed a change in strategy, as seen by an entirely new style and rebranding, as well as labels that were designed from scratch. The brand consists of two different wines: one with a white label called “Village” that is focused on the Yarra Valley, and another with a black label called “Coldstream Vineyard” that is focused on a single vineyard. Tokar Estate was one of the first wineries in the Yarra Valley to grow the then-unknown varietal tempranillo. Since then, tempranillo has developed into something of a symbol for the vineyard and has become one of its signature grapes. It was at this time that the birth of the alternative varietals in the Yarra Valley began to take shape. This particular varietal was the first of many unknown varietals that were planted throughout the region.

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